[Harp-L] mic frequency range

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Fri May 27 08:38:40 EDT 2016

jim.alciere at gmail.com wrote:
<I recorded a harp track recorded on an early 80s Shure green bullet direct
<to the board (ART USB), standing back away from the mic. I looked at the
<frequency range using the Voxengo Span? vst. It showed a frequency range
<of 300-10k virtually nothing before 300, virtually nothing after 10k,
<relatively flat between 300-10k except there is nothing at 600, and nothing
<in the 6k-7k range.


Jim, there are several tracks at the URL specified above.  which of those tracks was recorded with this setup?  Your message above says "a (i.e. one) harp track"--which one?

Thanks for posting the recordings.  Words aren't very helpful for evaluating a sound--you need to hear it for that.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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