[Harp-L] Re: slow death by comb?

Dennis Michael Montgomery gaulay2@xxxxx
Sun May 22 01:15:37 EDT 2016

"Hey, Where's the Blood, dammit, We came for Blood!" No,you're at the wrong concert.

    On Saturday, May 21, 2016 9:44 AM, jon kip <jon at jonkip.com> wrote:

From: MundHarp at aol.com
>  But I do not want my lips to bleed after every gig! I go for stainless steel or plated brass combs. They DO NOT 
> rip  up your mouth, as pearwood combs do. I do not think the audience can 
> tell any  difference.

I'd think that only a few members of a discerning audience would miss the blood, and catering to that elite group is probably not all that important to your career...(If you hear your audience yell "Hey, Where's the Blood, dammit, We came for Blood!", then I'm wrong, and I apologize.)

jon kip
jon at jonkip.com


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