[Harp-L] Lowest bluesharp in the world!

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Hi Boris,Did you use solder to do this or did you just file everything down 1/2 step?? I've been thinking of getting one special order but using the correct pitch reeds rather than a drastic tune down. This puts you in baritone sax territory and will be fun for working with horn sections. Sincerely,Barbeque Bob MaglinteBoston, MAhttp://www.barbequebob.comCD available at http://www.cedbaby.com/cd/bbmaglinte 

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It was originally Seydel 1847 classic low tone bold body in the key of LLE
and I tuned it down a half-step to LowLowEb. Now it is lower than my Tombo
Pocket Bass, my guitar and tenor Saxophone.


Thanks, Boris Plotnikov
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