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Sat May 14 18:19:16 EDT 2016

 Thought I'd post something unrelated to comb material and maybe help generate some new threads and comments.  I had an opportunity to hear a wonderful show the other night at the Freight and Salvage here in Berkeley, CA.  The show was "Blues Harp Women" featuring three great players; Beth Kohnen,  LynnAnne Hyde, and Jenny Kerr with a strong backing band.  They totally rocked and it was fun to get to meet them after the show and talk shop...  They are featured on a great compilation CD they were selling at the show called (interestingly enough)  "Blues Harp Women".  Available on Amazon here:


  "For years the only woman blues harmonica player that anyone had ever heard of was Big Mama Thornton and she was primarily a singer who played a bit of harp on the side. Then in the 90s two younger players emerged who could hold their own with any man, Annie Raines in the US and ‘Little Jenny’ Bohman in Sweden. I was therefore very interested to hear this record featuring thirty one, mainly American, “Blues Harp Women” - including Big Mama and Annie Raines but sadly not the late Jenny Bohman."

I have a couple sisters who play blues harp, so they totally have my support.   This project came about from the website: HERMONICAS  http://www.hermonicas.com/
which poses the question:  "How many woman can you name who play the harmonica?"

Check out the site for some interesting history and comprehensive lists of players in various genres.  


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