[Harp-L] CD: 'Somewhere on the edge of time'

Jerome P. jersimuse@xxxxx
Thu May 12 14:58:30 EDT 2016

Thanks a lot, Richard !

There are only two tunes on which I use effects (the one called A Few Miles
Away, which is in reference to Miles Davis, and the one called 'Nabish
Moy', you'll get the reference :-).
All other tunes are played with an acoustic sound.
But you are right, on many of the tunes, I play the theme in unison (or
with a different voice leading) with either a guitar or a synth, or a flute.

Yep, only diatonic harmonica. I don't play chromatic harmonica (but I play
chromatic on my diatonic ah ah).
In fact, all the tunes are played on a C diatonic harmonica.
Now that I've mentioned it, I realize there shouldn't be that much records
with only 1 harp used. Very useful to find the key of the harp for those
who want to play with the record ! :-)

Thanks again for your kind words,

Best regards,

Jerome Peyrelevade

2016-05-12 18:21 GMT+02:00 Richard Hunter <turtlehill at earthlink.net>:

> "Jerome P." wrote:
> <Hi all,
> <
> <My CD is now available on CDbaby.com :
> <http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jeromepeyrelevade#
> <
> <or on my website (shipping all over the world, of course).
> <
> <You can also listen to some other extracts here :
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2Ay7cocHlk
> Great stuff Jerome.  I take it that the harmonica on the first excerpt in
> the video referenced above is effected? Either you're playing in tight
> unison with a synthesizer, or you've got an envelope filter and maybe some
> other nifty devices in the chain.
> Effects aside, the harmonica playing is delightful--great tones, fantastic
> clarity and articulation on the lines. Sounds like diatonic harmonica
> throughout--is that correct?
> Regards, Richard Hunter

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