[Harp-L] The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

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Regarding the latest "Stradivarius of harmonica" debate: 
I'm a little surprised that nobody has brought up the  studies that compared real Strads with modern high quality violins. These blinded studies, generally well designed from a scientific standpoint, made a big media splash a couple years ago. (Wikipedia has a reasonable summary  under  "Player preferences among new and old violins".)

Basically, concert level violinists had preferences, but couldn't tell excellent modern instruments from the real Strads. 
Of course, those studies didn't resolve anything, and folks are still arguing......

Very little if anything about what we believe about harmonicas has been proven scientifically.... Tongue block vs lip pursing, anyone?... but everybody has opinions. For that matter, It  has never been proven in a double blinded study that parachutes increase your odds of surviving a fall out of an airplane, but I still would prefer to have one if I ever do.

I was at the SPAH comb event. It definitely wasn't scientific, but it was fun and interesting. I heard some differences, but nothing I could generalize about. 

Tom's combs look cool, are reasonably priced,  play at least as well as stock combs, and make it a lot easier to fetch the right key. 

David Kissel

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I wish they would. Because taking advice from some 'Joe Schmatalatz' doesn't make any sense to me. (No offense intended to mr. Joe Schmatalatz...if he exists).  :)


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