RE [Harp-L] The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

Harping On harping.onandon@xxxxx
Sun May 8 11:32:00 EDT 2016

Makes me wonder how many fans of Classical music would be able to tell whether or not a Stradivarius was being played in a blind test!


Btw never mind different combs making any difference to the listener, how about detecting what make/model of harp is being played in a blind test.


I put up some sound samples of 6 different diatonic harps on the list a while back as a fun challenge to identify the harps. Unsurprisingly there were no takers!


I thought I could at least tell a Marine Band being played as it seems to me to have a very distinctive tone. As a challenge to myself I heard someone play on a sound sample and felt sure it was an MB, turns out it was a Manji.


BTW Has anyone listened to the sound samples of the new Chrome on the website and does it sound really distinctive and rich in tone to you or is it a case of it will feel good playing it?

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