[Harp-L] Chromatic microphone solution

Vern jevern@xxxxx
Thu May 5 20:28:41 EDT 2016

I use an AMT HR3 for my Hands-Free-Chromatic on a rack.  The sound quality is good and I’m pleased with the setup.  With my hands on a guitar, there is no hand cupping.

The HR3 has an electret element.   It has little in common with either the physical form or the performance of what we normally think of as “high-end condenser" (studio) mics.

It requires a pre-amp to supply the phantom voltage required to run the FET built in to the electret element.  The pre-amp has an on-off sw but no volume control.  Output from the pre-amp is XLR male.

If you hold the harmonica in your hands, you can get about the same sound quality for a fraction of the price by using the Radio Shack 33-3013 (see ebay) and cupping will be much easier.

I found the clips that came with the mic unsatisfactory.  I made my own that resemble C-clamps that are much more secure on a Hohner 270 type harp.

If you wish to use wireless, AMT has a nice little compact transmitter.



> On May 5, 2016, at 8:45 AM, neil adler <nadlerus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I’ve worked with many methods of attaching a microphone to the chromatic for one hand play. This is my best solution to date. Using an AMT-HR3, high end condensor mic, I found that adding an enclosure improved frequency response, signal strength and decreased feedback. For the few of you who this may interest, check it out.

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