[Harp-L] Re. Chromatic Mic

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Tue May 3 05:08:45 EDT 2016

There is an interesting new chrom mic being made in India, Y. Tamta
Beamforming Chromatic Harmonica Microphone.


Beamforming refers to a type of microphone array that is said to give a very
even sound across the range. Here is Yogesh Tampta's Facebook page for the
mic, including his son Ashay Kumar discussing and demonstrating the mic:




Check out Ashay's other videos, he's a very accomplished player and gets an
authentic 'Indian' sound from the reversed slide chromatic. Here's one where
he demonstrates different types of harmonica for Indian music




I don't have any affiliation with Y. Tamta beyond online friendship, and
haven't tried the myself. I asked Yogesh if he could include a volume
control, which he's looking into.



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