[Harp-L] Rockin' Ron's Music

Lare Sattler lmsattler@xxxxx
Mon May 2 22:22:25 EDT 2016

I thought I'd give Ron a plug on here. I've been dealing with him for some time now and have always been pleased with both his prices and service. I have been using Hohner Rockets since first trying one and have gotten reed plates from Ron when needed. Unfortunately, through no fault of Ron, they are getting hard to come by (gee thanks Hohner). I asked Ron about buying a Special 20 and changing out the plates and he not only emailed me about it, but he called this morning to assure me that he's been trying to get the plates from Hohner and that the new Spec 20s he's got have the old style plates that won't fit Rockets. I thought that was really above and beyond service. I ended up buying a new Rocket and Ron was nice enough to give me a bit of a discount, which considering his prices are the best I've found online, was pretty nice. I'd just like to say that if you haven't tried Rockin' Ron's for your harmonica needs, do yourself a favor and look him up. Oh by the way, this is an unsolicited email. 
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