[Harp-L] Chromatic mic

Michelle LeFree mlefree@xxxxx
Mon May 2 06:05:41 EDT 2016

Vern wrote:

> I use a Radio Shack 33-3013 Tie-clip/peanut/electret mic.  It has a clean response and is so tiny that you can completely enclose it in your hand where it is completely responsive to cupping effects.  The 1/8” cable exits your cup between your fingers. It uses a button battery that lasts for many hours IF you remember to turn it off. It needs some adapters to go from 1/8” plug to 1/4” plug or XLR.  I understand that Radio Shack may have discontinued it but it is available on ebay for as little as $10.
> I suggest that you try it.  I think that you will like it.  If you don’t, you have most of your budget still available for a more traditional mic.

Hey, Vern! I hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately, Radio Shack no longer carries this mic'. Could you 
suggest an alternative?



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