[Harp-L] Chromatic mic

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Sun May 1 17:27:58 EDT 2016

Sheltraw wrote: 
> What do you see as the relative strengths of the Fireball V compared to the SM58 or BlowsMeAway's version of the SM58?

If I may so, questions about what a mic sounds like are pretty difficult to answer without a sound clip. Words and pictures are useless if you're trying to decide between microphone A and microphone B.  You need to hear the thing, preferably in your own hands.

I suggest that you try both. Order an SM58 and an Audix Fireball from Musiciansfriend.com, guitarcenter.com, or sweetwater.com. All of these vendors offer 45-day no-questions-asked full refunds on gear.  So try both, decide which one you like most, and return the other one. If it's the SM58 you like most, send it to Greg Heumann at Blowsmeaway.com for a makeover after you return the Audix.

FYI, the Audix Fireball V has been my mic of choice for everything but hard Chicago blues for a long time. About 95% of the clips at my site at hunterharp.com were recorded with a Fireball.  In any case, I always describe the gear I use on my recordings when I post them to the site, so perhaps you might check out some of the posts there to see whatbb sounds good to you.

And finally, don't worry about a wireless rig affecting your sound. I've never met anyone who can tell the difference between the sounds of a harmonica played through wired and wireless rigs, assuming you take reasonable care with the signal path.  Greg Heumann can set you square on that too.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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