[Harp-L] Warmup exercises-unbounce

David Brown nonidesign@xxxxx
Mon Jun 27 20:29:06 EDT 2016

I recommend. I'd also have them focus on the right amount of pressure when
playing because many beginners think playing a harmonica is like blowing-up
a swimming pool toy or sucking a golf ball through a straw.

Having given more than a few basic training lessons, one of the first
things I teach is deep breathing warm-ups to expand and relax the
lungs....and how *not* to blow/draw through a harp.  Training warm-ups that
develop the right pressure for blows and draws are still rudimentary
exercises I use even after 34 years of playing. It has saved me hundreds of
reeds too!

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> wrote:

> Group:
> I'm thinking ahead to my fall Harmonica 101 class at the Community Center
> in Birmingham, Michigan and wondering if other instructor/players have
> favorite warmup exercises.
> Since I will be working with beginning students I'm not looking for
> anything too complicated. In past decades I'm always suggest playing the C
> scale on the C diatonic -- holes 4-7 as both a warmup and check to insure
> that those same reeds are sounding and not jammed with a cornflake. Any
> other warmups?
> Thanks
> Phil

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