[Harp-L] Madcat? Cotton? Buzz Krantz? Charlie McCoy?

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What do these players have in common?

They're all past recipients of the Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award, given each year by SPAH.

You can nominate a worthy recipient by June 30 if you're a SPAH member.

You can download the nomination packet at http://spah.org/Files/SPAH_Reg_Packet.zip

You can email nominations to spahawards at xxxxx

Eligibility for the award:

• Candidates should have a record of achievements over a long period of time that may reasonably be considered to be the virtual equivalent of a lifetime.
• Candidates that have established themselves as outstanding harmonica players are preferred.
• Candidates should be active in promoting the preservation and advancement of the harmonica and the positive and meaningful interaction of harmonica players and devotees.
• Candidates should demonstrate generosity in sharing their talents and knowledge, and in remaining accessible to members of the harmonica community.
• Only one person may receive the Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award in any one year unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

Previous winners are not eligible. They are:

2001 - Pete Pedersen, Larry Adler, Tommy Morgan and Alan Pogson
2002 - Blackie Schackner
2003 - Sandy German, Charlie Leighton
2004 - Dominic and Tony Sgro
2005 - Buzz Krantz and Charlie McCoy
2006 - Stan Harper, Bob McFarlane and Ray Tankersly
2007 - Jerry Adler and Danny Wilson
2008 - Anneliese “Sissi” Jones and Charlie Musselwhite
2009 - Manji Suzuki
2010 - Dick Gardner
2011 - Al Smith
2012 - James Cotton
2013 - Tom Stryker
2014 - Peter Madcat Ruth
2015 - Mo Vint
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