[Harp-L] A Few Miles Away, from the CD Somewhere on the Edge of Time

Jerome P. jersimuse@xxxxx
Mon Jun 20 09:37:35 EDT 2016

Hi Blues Harp lovers,

Here is one of the titles of my CD, called A Few Miles Away, as it was
broadcasted on a french Jazz & Blues Radio :

But most important : my album, Somewhere on the Edge of Time, is now
available on Amazon.com (as well as on my site, and on CDBaby.com).

Here is the Amazon link :

The CD should also be present on Amazon country sites. If not, I'll be
happy to ship it all over the world with no additionnal fee (

BTW, a big thank you to those who have supported me & my album so far !

I've had some very good articles in french music magazines & radios, I'm
really happy !

I hope you will like this title, played on a C harp,

Best regards,


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