[Harp-L] New HFC models in the works

Chris Reynolds c_reynolds2571@xxxxx
Sun Jun 12 15:05:28 EDT 2016

I've been working on expanding the HFC lineup to include the 260 and 280. Since I already make the combs making HFC's isn't that much of a leap. I'm also going to be working on a conversion for the cross tuned harmonicas as well. I'm also adding the option to the website here in a few minutes for conversions on your harmonicas, rather than having to buy the whole instrument brand new, hopefully that will save customers some money and open up the HFC to folks that might not otherwise try it. 

Chromatic mouthpieces are coming along really well and I hope to have them on the site shortly. 

Chris Reynolds 

Owner - BlowYourBrassOff.com - Maker of fine custom harmonicas 



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