[Harp-L] switching blows to draws

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Sat Jun 11 04:34:12 EDT 2016

The most logical thing to do would be to try a 30 reed harp. A Sub30
tweaked by Tom Halchak, or Brendan Power & Zombor Kovaks.
I'm not saying these harps are without their problems (the biggest one for
me being the limited keys available)
but that would be the most obvious thing to do. Otherwise you are going to
have constantly to be customising harps yourself,
or getting someone to do it for you. At least Brendan, Zombor and Tom, are
on the case with these instruments, have a lot of the problems solved,
and they are not impossibly expensive. Zombor and Tom have different
approaches to valving the upper octave, which has been one of the remaining
with the Sub 30.
Of course you have not made it really clear if you had a tuning layout in
mind here. Maybe you want the note layout of a draw plate (DGBDFABDFA - on
a C harp)
turned into a blow plate, and vice versa. Hmm....maybe you can do that by
just reversing both plates. I'm going to try that.....!! Back soon (no
doubt bitterly disappointed!)

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