[Harp-L] Gear for sale

Mike Fugazzi mikefugazzi@xxxxx
Thu Jun 9 16:48:32 EDT 2016

For Sale:
Custom A over bend Marine Band built by Brad Harrison ($150)
- best 7 over draw ever
- 1 draw reed professionally replaced
- originally built for Brandon Bailey
- Hogany comb from Hetrick to replace original pearwood

Custom C over bend built by Joe Spiers
<https://www.facebook.com/joe.spiers.7> out of a NOS pre-war MBA ($250).
- amazing over bend harp
- extremely hard to find due to the use of a prewar MB
- tuning tweaked professionally with a draw scraper
- tons of life yet with little use

Blows Me Away mic with Heumann Element and 20 ft cable ($400 or best
offer). PM for full details. I've had it for years and never use it. It is
great, but I am a SM58 guy.
Mike Fugazzi

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