[Harp-L] Hohner Echo Harp note layout

John Kerkhoven solo_danswer@xxxxx
Wed Jul 20 11:03:51 EDT 2016

The Hohner Echo Harp is a two-sided tremolo harmonica. They come in different models (e.g., 2x32 and 2x48) and each model comes in either C and G or D and A.

I have a 2x32 (which means 16 paired holes per side) in C and G, and a 2x48 in A and D.

The first note on the C is and E and on the G it’s a B. Comparing this with a standard diatonic, it’s as though on the 2x32, both sides of the harp start on the two hole.

But with the longer 2x48, it’s a different story. 

The D side starts on an F# (the equivalent of the two hole on a D diatonic). The A side starts on an A.

I have a Comet harp (octave harp in C and G) that is 2x40 and there it’s a similar thing: the C side starts on an E, whereas the G side starts on a G.

Why does Hohner do this? Why not start each side of the harp (for models with more than 16 pairs of holes) on the respective tonic note? 

Winslow Yerxa, would you have an idea about this?


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