[Harp-L] Helpful Info for New & Intermediate Players

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Wed Jul 13 22:31:32 EDT 2016

My buddy Jon Kip <jon at xxxxx> wrote:

There's no reason that one can't study chromatic harmonica the way people
study More Expensive Instruments....oh, yeah, it's hard to find a qualified
teacher, there is that.  And, how does a new player have the discernment to
pick a qualified teacher?

It's difficult. For learning Jazz on the instrument, one idea that I think
has potential, is to study the instrument with a qualified player-teacher,
and then study jazz with someone who does not play chromatic harmonica.
That way, the student (as all of us are) is not held back by any perceived
"limits" to the instrument, based on what issues the teacher has on his/her
own playing.
<end text>

Well, money, for one. And time. Lastly, desire.

Lessons wind up costing more than the instrument; trust me, I know; I teach.

And adults (who are more likely to take up the More Expensive Harmonica)
have less time.

Finally, what is the goal? Mastery of an instrument is swell, but frankly,
good luck. This one is a bear.

I feel that chromatic harmonica is much easier if you already play another
instrument well, preferably a chordal instrument.

See you (not you, Jon) at SPAH (oh heck, Jon, come to San Antone, I hear
it’s lovely this time of year)


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