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Owen Evans owenpevans@xxxxx
Tue Jul 12 14:59:53 EDT 2016

Hi Tony,
A couple of exercises that I do to keep the rhythm with tongue blocked slaps is as follows:

1] Do tongue flutters on single draw notes and you’ll build accuracy & ease of execution on tongue slapping draw notes.

2] Slap the pentatonic scale up and down. Then when you have some accuracy; slap the 
4+ 4 5+ 5 6+ and reverse without slapping the 6. Build speed until you can do this in your sleep.

3] Now for control. When slapping, hold the harp with your left hand, using only your thumb & first finger. The harp should be able to pivot between these fingers which are placed above & below the 3 and/or 4 hole. Hold it lightly enough that it moves if your grasp is not horizontal. Now blow slap hole 7 or 8. If the harp moves away from you, you’re slapping too hard. It is a gentle motion with the tongue and not a “slap” like we think of via the hand to the face.

This is how I learned and continue to practise every day. Hope it helps.

> On Jul 12, 2016, at 1:47 PM, Tony Stephens via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all.
>     I TB is going well on single notes, octaves, slaps. Slaps are easier on blow than draw at this point. Rhythm is my trouble I think. I have been watching a lot Lee Sankey YouTube video lessons on TB and he is good. Any advice on better rhythm with tongue blocking. 
> Thanks, Tony Stephens
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