[Harp-L] Tab2Notes: free software to transpose and play tabs

Oscar Koenders harpbender@xxxxx
Sun Jul 10 19:28:46 EDT 2016

I just joined as I am trying to learn to play
the harmonica. I want to share software I developed that helps me
practice. I am also very interested in understanding music theory and am
captivated by the possibilities of sheet music. 


The software is for Windows and is free, without ads or
anything. You can download it here: https://is.gd/HarpBender 


I created a YouTube channel with some demos and also a short
video showing the basic features:


The software Tab2Notes uses standard harmonica tabs and
creates sheet music from it. It can “play” the tab as well. The app uses the PC
speaker to generate the correct note frequencies. So it is not intended to just
listen to a song but to learn to play it by ear, correct my bends and the learn the rhythm.


Standard tabs like -2 -4 6 -6' do not include information
about the duration of each note. Sheet music does. Tab2Notes can read normal
tabs but it will also interpret note duration information if you add this, eg
-24 -48 616 -6'16 starts with a quarter note, then an 8th and then 2 16th
notes. Tab2Notes will use that information to display the correct note symbols
on the sheet, which you can then print.


Tab2Notes tab files also include the key of the tab, eg C,
Db etc. or C12 for a Chromatic 12 hole. Inside the app you can transpose any
tab to any harmonica and any position. That way you can find a key or position to eliminate the hard to play overblows & draws.


I included several example tab files with the app to study
the format. You can start using the app with tabs that include no extra
information at all (so just the standard format like 4 -2 6 6') and later add
note durations, rests (R), ties (T), slurs (A) and repeats (B & E). I
attached the picture of Georgia on my Mind. This was created by this tab:


Georgia on my Mind,C, 4/4, 60, T -112 +212 -212 T B T -3'8 A1 -48 T -42 A1 T -3'8 A1 -3''8 T -3''2. A1 R4. -3'8 T +58 A1 -48 T T -412 A1 A2 -312 -3'12 A2 T -22. T R12 -212 -3'12 T L T -38 A1 -48 T T -412 A1 -312 -412 T A1 +54 +58 A1 -48 T -3'8 A1 -28 T -24 A1 R4 T R12 -3'12 -412 T -3'1 R2 T R12 -112 -112 T T -18 +28 -28 T E R1 


With the app I can export this in the standard format like


Georgia on my Mind, C, -1 2 -2 -3' -4 -3' -3'' -3' 5 -4 -3 -3' -2 -2 -3' -3 -4 -3 -4 5 -4 -3' -2 -3' -4 -3' -1 -1 -1 2 -2 


or use a format which I call Time 2 Space:


Georgia on my Mind, C, -1 2 -2  -3' -4     -3' -3''     -3' 5 -4  -3 -3' -2    -2 -3' -3 -4  -3 -4 5   -4 -3' -2   -3' -4 -3'        -1 -1 -1 2 -2  


You can download version 0.99 and short instructions here:
https://is.gd/HarpBender  If you use it
and find any bug, please send these to me so I can fix those and update to
version 1.0. I will post updates under the same link. 


When you install the app, Windows may give you a warning
that the publisher is unknown. I did not purchase a developer certification
from a certification company as I do not intent to make any money from the app.
You can click “more info” and then “Run anyway”. The app will install and
function like normal. 


Please leave your feedback here or via
harpbender at xxxxx 


Thank you very much,



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