[Harp-L] DI boxes

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Sat Jul 9 10:55:54 EDT 2016

Blunt White wrote:
<Instead of DI boxes, recommend using a Harp Commander III which has a direct balanced (3 prong) line output (with its own volume control), plug the line output into <the PA.   Recommend against playing a Bullet, Harp Mic through a DI box into the PA, if no Harp Commander (or substitute a Digitech RP) bring an amp and have the <soundman mic it.

I agree with 100% of the above statement.  A bullet straight to the PA sounds awful in my opinion, and I've certainly heard and played enough of them to know. 

All that said, passive direct boxes work fine for running a mic straight to a PA, and they're generally cheaper than active boxes ($50 and under).  Another alternative is to use an inexpensive (around $50) tube preamp, like an ART Tube Pre or the Behringer equivalent, as the direct box, which will allow you to put a little more depth in the sound (though nothing like what you'd get from a full blown tube amp). A preamp will require access to AC power, as will all of the alternatives listed above (except maybe the Harp Commander).  If you need to run on battery, a passive direct box, battery-powered multiFX like a Zoom G3, or built-for-purpose battery-powered amp emulator like one of the Lone Wolf pedals would work.  

I'd avoid going with a direct box only.  An RP loaded with one of my patch sets would of course be my first choice, and is on every occasion when I get to use my preferred rig.  

Regards, Richard Hunter


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