[Harp-L] Free harp software and SPAH presentation

Shirley, John John_Shirley@xxxxx
Fri Jul 8 14:08:31 EDT 2016

Hey all.

I’m writing to let you know that my new app, The Blue Dadi, is now available for download from Bluesharmonica.com… for free!!!

There are two video tutorials and a pdf manual there as well.


The Blue Dadi is a freeware application (for OSX and/or Windows) that offers amp and delay fx emulation, plus a nice recording window with a bunch of cool features. It is intended to aid in the practice and study of blues and/or rock harmonica, but I’m sure some may find other uses…. 

I have also posted a quick video demo of me using the app on my YouTube channel. While you’re there, feel free to check out my other videos and subscribe if you’d like to stay updated on new posts.


Also, I will be presenting on the app, as well as a few computer and iOS applications for getting blues and rock tone, at SPAH (Thursday morning). Come on by if you’re around!

- John

John Shirley - Professor of Music
UMass Lowell

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