[Harp-L] Re: first gig memories

Just thought I'd report on  MY first ever gig playing blues  harmonica. I 
was 13 years old, and the band was "The Bespoke Tailor Unit",  formed with 
guys from the school I was attending, and the gig was at the  Blackheath Rugby 
Club, in South-East London, England. It was a great success. I  played my 
harp through a Selmar Little Giant 5 watt tube amp, and a Reslo ribbon  mic. 
It seems almost as though it was yesterday, despite being more  than 50 
years ago (Gosh am I really THAT old?) That gig led me into a lifelong  love of 
blues and rock music... Including playing my harp all over the world  (both 
diatonic and chromatic), and getting paid for it!
Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden,
Just now in sunny Kenya, East Africa.

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