[Harp-L] harpgear 410 for sale, oither items

I'm posting for a friend who has a HG 410 for sale, email him if  
interested.  _higgy4949@xxxxxxxxxx (mailto:higgy4949@xxxxxxxxx) 
One request. Richard H., would you please contact me offlist, I apologize  
for not being able to pull up your info. 
 Mint Sonny Jr. 410  sold. 
Following items for sale. 
Perfectly refurbished inside and out Kalamazoo Two with Tremelo. As the  
over 400 players Greg Heumann and I have sold attest to, the hands down best  
vintage tone amp even fully serviced for another 50 years amp under $500.  
Ebay has them consistently up, if it hums just change the main filter cap  to 
single ones, all other components high quality USA. $499.99 Contact off 
list  for full details. 
Three mint Jensen 1962 C69R's  $45 each plus shipping
One 1957 big magnet Magnavox , P10R size magnet , no voice coil rubs or  
tears. $45  
Pair of Black Plate 6L6's. Original pair of RCA's purchased from Greg's  
HiTest for $400 were perfectly matched then somehow went out of bias so I  
matched one with a Silvertone black plate 6L6GC that tests as new as the RCA.  
GE NOS matched 6L6's  $135 
Excellent testing better than anything new vintage Sylvania  12AU7's    $25 
Sonny Jr. amps all come with ANOS or NOS vintage USA preamp tubes stock  at 
no extra charge; 
Thank you.
Gary O.   Sonny Jr. 

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