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Hi, Jim,

Here are a couple of links about changing up your scale practice that I like:

Scales also become more of a challenge (read âless boringâ) if you slow your metronome down to one beat per two notes, and let the ticks fall on beats 2 and 4 of the measure.  And slow it down even more so that it ticks once per measure, and let it fall on any arbitrary beat -- or sub-beat -- that you choose.

Oh, and practice your pentatonic scale in different positions on the harp.  If there are notes you canât get, just sing them, or skip them (but give them a place in the timing, anyway), or play the scale in an octave where you can get all the notes.  And major pentatonic scales have a place in good music-making, too.

Basically, what Robert Hale (The Duke of Wail) said, only a variation on the theme -- which is the key to scale practice, imho.

Tin Lizzie

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> The only problem is, practicing a minor pentatonic scale is boring.
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