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I always thought the idea of playing the minor pentatonic scale was in using random patterns. Not in simply playing the scale up and down.

The only reason anyone would play the scale in order is to become familiar with the notes.

To get the scale in your head, play the five black keys on a piano or keyboard which gives a visual clue.

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> practicing a minor pentatonic scale is boring.

âBoring if you play it top to bottom and back.
But vary the pattern and sequence...
âPlay 3 notes up, and down. Then 4 notes.
play your scale steps with these interval numbers in mind:


Play them as straight 8ths, then swing them as dotted eighth and 16ths.
Ascending, descending.

Once you get going, you'll invent a NUMBER of variations, and you will LIKE
Take each form carefully and accurately. Don't hurry past it. Work it.

Then they start to fit into other tunes you are playing. Big fun!!
Soon your head is full of these ideas that you can pull out and do whenever
you want to.

My opinion, your call. <grin>

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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