[Harp-L] better living through th Internet

I want to thank Richard Sleigh for his informative emails. I've been
playing for over forty years, even done gigs, but have never really been
happy with my sound. Richard recommended a Jason Ricci video (thank you,
Jason) on You Tube where Jason suggested practicing the minor pentatonic
scale. If Jason and Richard think it's a good idea it probably is.

So I gave it a try, but I wasn't real good on the 3 bend. So, back to You
Tube. Jerry Portnoy had a great video on how to bend notes--designed for
begining harp players. Wish I knew this years ago. Thank you, Jerry.

One of the suggested videos was Magic Dick discussing tone. He said
essentially, that he could hear a difference between his pucker embrochure
and his tongue block. Thank you. So I'm back to practicing tongue block.

The only problem is, practicing a minor pentatonic scale is boring. I found
out You Tube has tons of jam tracks. I've been practicing to Pink Floyd's
Wish You Were Here.

For one brief minute, before going to work, I heard it. The tone I've been
looking for. Hopefully I can call it back tomorrow.




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