[Harp-L] seeking suggestions for cigar-style (no hands) harp modification

Hello Fellow Chewers of the Tin Sandwich,

I'm learning to play the harp cigar-style (no hands; stick the low end all
the way in your mouth). The technique works much better on Special 20s than
on Marine Bands, because the MBs have
slits/vents/notches/whatever-you-want-to-call-thems in the coverplates that
prevent the air stream from being focused.

Okay then, so I should just use Special 20s for cigar-style playing. Except
I only have a couple of them, whereas I have lots of MBs.

So I'd like to be able to block the vents in the MB coverplates. I'd like
the blocking substance to be readily removable and non-toxic. I'm asking
for suggestions. Thanks in advance for your creativity.

A Note About Rubberbands: A rubberband, around the full length of the harp,
works well if you don't like the feel of the metal coverplates touching
your teeth (I don't particularly mind it), but doesn't sufficiently seal
the vents.

Bright moments,
Peter Beck

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