Re: [Harp-L] chromatic mouthpiece plating

Some years ago, I had several 270 mouth pieces and cover  plates re-plated 
with silver. Also some of the old steel Hohner diatonic cover  plates. It 
wasn't cheap, but worked well for me and made the instruments much  more 
slippery and easier to play.
The people who did the work for me are no longer in business,  but there 
are plenty of plating firms out there....
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in Coastal Kenya.
In a message dated 2/18/2016 2:55:00 A.M. E. Africa Standard Time,  
jon@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

So for  me, it seems that the life span of Original Plating of the deluxe 
270 round  holed mouthpieces is about nine years.

More than a few are becoming  rough, especially around the notes I actually 
know, which, at some point, will  become annoying, and I'll have to learn 
other notes.

Any suggestions  for ways to replate them? Some tried and true method. What 
would be really  convenient would be to  go  to Home Depot and see a spray 
can of  stuff labeled "RePlating for Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas."

While the  Universe seems to provide for most of my needs, it seems to have 
fallen down  on The Job with this one.

And yes, it'll be quite some time before I'll  be able to truthfully say 
"Oh, sorry, I missed that passage because my  mouthpiece is just so rough and 
I'm so delicate"....

But it would be  nice to have one of those "Plan" things I've read about.

Any ideas  would be appreciated.

I bet one of the horn-smashers in this group will  know The Answer.  



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