[Harp-L] Dannecker Blues harmonica kit.

I have been working with some  âDannecker Bluesâ harmonicas for a few 
years now. ( https://uk.pinterest.com/antonydannecker/dannecker-harmonicas/  )  
Because of my personal preference for thin cover plates, all of my MS  style 
harps are fitted with Blues Harp cover plates including all of my Tony  
Dannecker instruments. Lately Sugar Cane Hamilton ( _http://sugarcain.co.uk_ 
(http://sugarcain.co.uk/)  ) has been âsetting  upâ all of my harmonicas. 
Mostly in recent years I have spent a lot of time in  Africa, playing praise 
and worship music in Church here, but I still play a lot  of blues music, 
using both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. Because of  transport problems. I 
have to travel with a (for me) minimalist set of  instruments, rather than 
my usual âpro kitâ of more than 40 harmonicas. So I  have come to Africa 
with just two chromatics, a Tony Dannecker Hohner CX-12 in  tenor âCâ, and a 
trusty old Hohner 270 (rebuilt by Sugar Cane) in the key of  âGâ. I use 
these in conjunction with a set of 12 Dannecker Blues metal combed  diatonics, 
all fitted with Hohner Blues Harp cover plates, carried in a Tombo 12  harp 
soft case. 
I can confirm that I really like my  Dannecker Blues harmonicas, and think 
they are simply wonderful mouth  organs. 
I am playing these through an Audix  Fireball V harmonica mic, plugged 
straight into to whatever house PA that is  available at the venue. 
John âWhiteboyâ Walden 
Just now in Coastal  Kenya.

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