[Harp-L] Chuck Gurney Shure 520

I'm gonna post this on here once more before going online to sell. I am selling an amazing sounding and looking Green Bullet, in excellent condition, built by none other than Chuck Gurney a few years back. It is candy apple red with chrome grille. It has a volume control and the element is one of Chucks famous black CRs. It's very hot, and growls like an angry badger. I'm getting to be an old coot with arthritic hands and smaller, lighter mics are easier for me to use. I hate to see this wonderful piece of gear going to waste sitting in the case. It comes with the heavy leather bag pictured. As you may or may not know, these black CR elements go for upwards of $200, if you can find them. Asking $395.00 including shipping, will consider offers. Contact me at <lmsattler@xxxxxxx>Lare SattlerÂÂÂ The Little Chicago BandÂÂÂ Canton Ohio

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