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The Huntington [West Virginia] Harmonica Club continues to be one of the most dynamic small-city harmonica clubs anywhere. Kudos to Jim Rumbaugh and all the folks in Huntington!
WVa Bob

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HarmoniCollege 2016 and Guitarniversity   April 1 & 2 in Huntington, WV

Here is the official list of classes for HarmoniCollege 2016 and (new) Guitarniversity
For the first time, we will be offering extended session classes for Jason Ricci’s classes
For the first time, we are offering classes for guitar.
David Payne will be returning to teach a class and help Jason.
$70 covers lessons, food, and jams.

9 to noon
The Minor Pentatonic Scale/Scales: How and why (choosing scales)
Melody: (Root Notes)  Understanding the I, IV, V chord change and 12 bar blues progression.


1 to 2:45
Rhythm  pitched percussion/rhythmic thinking with limited melody.

3 to 5
A). Basic harmonic thinking.
B.) How scales can involve harmonic thinking.
C.) The difference between major and minor.
D.) Basic blues chord structure.

9 am to 9:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) 3rd position, an intro for beginner’s
Tom Cannon  (guitar) Playing Up the Neck. Includes reviewing/learning the fretboard with shortcuts to finding notes up the neck

10 am to 10:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) octaves to do chords in 1,4,5 or 1, 6, 4,5 and 1 7d, 6d, 5 songs
Tom Cannon  (guitar)  Learning Chord Positions using the CAGED system

11 am to 11:45
Jim (harp) Intro to Blow Bends with 1st Position Blues Scale (a very NOISY class)
Tom Cannon  (guitar)  Intro to Finger Style  We will learn using "Blowin' in the Wind"


1 pm to 1:45
David Payne (harp) Playing Chords on a Diatonic Harmonica
Chris Sutton (guitar) Intro to Advance Chord Patterns ie basic substitutions

2 pm to 2:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) 12th position, an intro for beginner’s
Chris Sutton (guitar) Intro to Slide with attention on damping strings on slide hand

3 pm to 3:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) Vibrato  via hand, throat, diaphragm, jaw, lip
Tom Cannon  (guitar)  Soloing the Blues using Minor Pentatonic( i will take it up a level if class is advanced enough)

4 pm to 4:45
Jim Rumbaugh (harp) Using 5th position for the songs Little Wing and Watch Tower
Tom Cannon  (guitar)  learning  songs for the nightly jams including basic interpretation of following I-IV-V pattern ie what that means

For more information go to or

If you want to stay on campus, we still have one bed available for $125 (3 beds are in the room). A total of $195 with cover food, lodging and classes.

---------- (of Huntington, WV)

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