[Harp-L] Harmonica Mic For Sale

I have a couple of harp microphones for sale if anyone is interested.The first one is an older Shure 545 with the 4 pin connector along with the original box and paperwork. This does not have the pistol grip with the on/off switch. I also have a cord for it going from 4 pin to 1'4". The cord is only 3 feet long as I had it mad by Tom's Mics years ago to plug into a Shure body pac for playing wireless. The cord is like new also and can be extended with a 1/4" to 1/4" adapter that can be bought at any instrument store.

The second one is a Mojo Hand Mic Model D wood mic made and signed byJames E Porter who I believe made the mic. It is numbered +72 and a date on it of 7-30-03. WhenI bought it there was a MC-127 element in it and I bought it new. I replaced it with a white controlled reluctance element. The element is strong and sounds good. There is a volume control on this mic. The wood is in great shape. It is likhter than the tradional Green Bullet and other bullet type mics. These mics are hand made and beautiful. It comes with a blue felt bag.

I am a harp player and just have too many mics I have accumulated through the years.
I can send pictures of these to any interested parties. Contact me off list.

Bob "The Captain" Boyd
Texas Tide Band

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