[Harp-L] Nat Riddles "Eyesight"

Those that read MBH will have probably seen this, but I post it to the
harp-L community as part of keeping our content growing.  Congratulations to
all for another year's funding of the list, and special thanks to Slim for
the bookkeeping and the list-owner for all the work.

This video showed up in my YouTube feed and I really dig it.  A
tongue-blocking style that is not over technical but extremely effective,
and one that I want to learn from.  Super intro IMO with some interesting
figures.  I also like the first position stuff at the end - well done and
nice counterpoint to the earlier 2nd position stuff.  A list-member I shared
this with also commented on the use of tone differences in the harp playing
(dark/deep vs. bright/thin) as keeping it interesting.  Finally, I found
some of the guitar work cool, but I leave that to others more knowledgeable
to comment on that.  Anyway, thanks to Adam for posting this on YouTube and
I think it is worth a listen.


Fred S

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