Re: [Harp-L] Recorders

"Aongus Mac Cana" wrote:
<I took the plunge into digital recording a year or two ago when a local
<music store had a special offer on the Zoom H2 Next recorder for 160 Euro.
<(They are normally 200 +)
<I reckon that I got my money's worth...

I'm sure you did.  The H2 is a very nice device, and in the USA you can get one for about $100.  Very nice deal on a basic stereo digital recorder with builtin mics.

The reason I didn't mention the H2 in my discussion of digital recorders is that it fails to meet the original requirements: it can't do multi-tracking.  

For live stereo recording the H2 remains the bomb at its price point.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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