Re: [Harp-L] tabs?

The first one is just a breathing pattern in triplets:
Blow 10, Draw 10 (same hole), Draw 9 (one hole to the right).
The same pattern of blow/draw/move right is used in Holes 10, then 9, then 8, then 7. When he lands on hole 6, he breaks the pattern.
The later one is also a triplet pattern (the beat being divided into three equal parts, which makes the note sequence sound really fast).
I'm not going to give you all of that one (and other repliers, please refrain from doing so as well).Â
What I will give you is the note that lands on each beat - the first note of each triplet, giving you the backbone of the line.Â
You have to flesh it out with the in-between notes and figure out his dance steps between those points. Try playing the skeleton line first - several times, one note per beat - then try to figure out the details

D= Draw B=Blow, b=one semitone of bend.
Run starts on the third beat of he bar - Hakan turns the bar inside out earlier in the tune.
      6D Â6B Â
5D Â4B Â3Db Â2DÂ
2D 3D 4B 4DbÂ
4D 4DÂWinslow Yerxa
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Has anybody tabbed the fast runs at around 52 seconds and 2m 12 seconds on
this excellent instrumental?

I'm going to try slowing it down on audacity to work it out but it would be
great if anyone else has sorted this out before me!!




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