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"Bruce Ritter" wrote:
<I'm looking for suggestions for a recorder.  I'd like to record a track,
<play it back with headphones and record another in sync with the first, and
<record maybe 5-6 synced tracks, one at a time.  Any suggestions?  I'd prefer
<digital, and the capability to import/export to computer.

There are several devices on the market that meet these requirements for $300 or less.  The Zoom R8 is basically a full-on 8 track studio for about $300.  The Tascam DP-008EX is well under $200, with 8 tracks and fewer bells and whistles for mixing, but all the basic features you just described, in a smaller form factor than the Zoom.  The Boss Micro BR BR-80 is about midway between these in terms of price and features, in a very small form factor.  If you want some FX to go with your tracks, get the Zoom or the Boss.

All these devices record at a maximum resolution of 16 bits and 44.1 kHz and use USB to transfer files to a computer.  16 bits is CD-quality, but it's inherently noisier at low volume levels than 24-bit.  You can make pro-quality tracks at that resolution if you're careful to keep the levels up, but if you really want to make records, you're better off with a computer-based recording setup and an audio interface that can handle 24 bits.  

I own a Zoom H4, and both it and the Zoom H4N are capable of multi-track synchronized recording, but the form factor makes it somewhat cumbersome to do so.  (Managing 4 tracks in a 2" by 2" window is not for the casually committed.)  when you're laying down ideas, you don't want the hardware to be getting in the way.  The same goes for the Zoom H6, which packs 6 tracks into the same is-that-a-Taser form factor as the H4 and H4N.  The Tascam, Boss, and Zoom are also less expensive than either. 

You'll get good quality tracks out of any of these if you pay attention to the recording process.  Digital recording really is good stuff.  

Regards,  Richard Hunter

Regards, Richard Hunter  

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