[Harp-L] Recorders

I was recording for years on cassette recorders, before these became out of
style and the cassettes themselves became kind of "unobtainium".

I took the plunge into digital recording a year or two ago when a local
music store had a special offer on the Zoom H2 Next recorder for 160 Euro.
(They are normally 200 +)

I reckon that I got my money's worth. The built in microphone was better
quality than anything I had ever tried before and I found that I was able to
record all the lessons and concerts at the Willie Clancy week on one 32 gig
SD card - SD cards being the media that the device uses.

My tech-savvy son in law discovered that there was an SD card slot on one of
our laptops and with this I was able to download files from the card and
burn a CD.

There may be other and better deals on Digital Recorders, but I believe that
you could do worse than a Zoom.  They have other fancier models for
"professionals", but I came across a guy who had a misfortunate experience
with one of these. It had a more sophisticated external microphone
arrangement which broke off when he accidentally dropped it.


Aongus Mac Cana

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