[Harp-L] Mike

I'm just going by direct conversations with Mike from all these years so  
I've put a call and email into him to try and get clarity and apologize for  
using his name without his permission. This is a harp forum, so hopefully 
not to  make any more threads on it and focus on harp related topics. I 
researched  hernias and found the Shouldice Hospital who specializes in hernia 
repairs,  performing over 7000 a year.  Dr. Watson is correct on one of the two 
 causes, however this hospital's explanation clarifies things a bit. There 
are  several other at risk factors but the one in question is there in 
It appears there is a possibility it can happen with heavy harp playing,  
and maybe he has both congenital and acquired but does it really matter. 
Hernias  are usually divided into two main categories: 
         Congenital  - Congenital  hernias develop before you are born. A 
congenital hernia is present at birth,  even though it may not be diagnosed 
for weeks, months or even years. A hernia  that develops much later in life 
may actually result from a weakness that you  have had since you were a 
         Acquired  - Acquired  hernias develop when the muscles or 
connective tissue in your abdomen are  weakened or damaged during your lifetime. 
         When listing whoâs  at risk, one of the factors is: âHave  a 
heavy or chronic cough - the  force of a cough or sneeze can tear weakened 
muscles and connective  tissueâ 

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