[Harp-L] Re: Jelly Roll Johnson

Truly a commendable initiative, Mikael, and many thanks. Enjoying it right now.
 I wish this kind of stuff could be available for many more players. (Hell, if I knew how to do it IÂd even do it myself.)
in Gothenburg

>I have made, for my own enjoyment, a playlist on Spotify where I have added a number of recordings where Jelly is a >sideman. Jellyroll himself has been kind enough to point out a bunch of recordings I missed in my original draft.
I would like to share this playlist with you (see link below), simply because I feel that every harmonica player will benefit from listening to this master musician.
The list does not include the recordings that are available in his own name, I think you should buy those CDs, well worth having all of them.

Enjoy everyone!
Mikael Backman
Jelly Roll Johnson - rosalee<https://open.spotify.com/user/rosalee/playlist/71cZeYqHjdC5R9KIVFMb3u>

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