Re: [Harp-L] Huntersounds for Korg Pandora Stomp and Fender Mustang

Derwood wrote:
<I just got my Pandora Stomp and made some patches really quickly with the software. Seems to work easily. Any update on if you are going to work on <patches?
<I traded in my RP255 for this for the size. I can use it as a single unit to PA or just for multi effects into an amp without the models. Versatile and <Portable.

I have no plans to create a patch set for the Pandora.  I agree that Korg's devices sound great, and for your sake I'm delighted that the software worked so well for you.  Unfortunately, in my various attempts to manage a Pandora Stomp with two different Windows computers, I had nothing but trouble.  

I'm not the most tech-savvy guy in the world, but I have certainly installed and used plenty of software, including a number of tools designed to manage hardware configurations and backups for the devices I use.  In my opinion, if I have trouble with a piece of software, plenty of my customers will too, and I do not want those headaches coming to me. My visits to Korg's user forums also tell me that the problems I had with their software are not uncommon.

So I'm steering clear of Korg for the moment.  Like I said before, I agree that the devices they make sound great, and the form factor is great too.  I wish the software was more reliable.  Until it is, I'm not in.  In the meantime, for anyone who's willing to make their own sounds and support potential buyers of same, there's a market opportunity. I think it would be great if someone took it on.  I've taken the Digitech RPs and Zooms a fair distance, but that leaves plenty of cool gear out there that I haven't touched.  

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

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