[Harp-L] Mike Stevens

Mike's told me last we emailed recently he blew out his intestines (hernia) 
 three times in the past but has adjusted his playing to avoid another. 
He's been  a Sonny Jr. amp endorser for twelve years now, starting with the 410 
to the  Cruncher and then Avenger which he loves but sold when financial 
issues hit,  however just bought another one stating he likes it that much. 
Amplifier sales and news.
I have two Super Sonny's, two Avengers and one Super Cruncher in stock,  
each with features that were custom designed for Charlie Musselwhite and Sugar 
 Ray Norcia. Ray was a great sounding board for every time I'd email him to 
meet  and try this speaker, tube set up until getting to where it's his 
gigging amp.  The Super Sonny he owns was a bit much for his low back he needed 
surgery for  not long ago but if the SC didn't cut the mustard like it does 
he'd make  arrangements to have the SS there. 
I also have a mint 410 converted toSuper Sonny with it's unique sound  
enhancer cab design which takes most of the air from the lower two speakers,  
rolls it back into the cab and projects out, giving huge bottom end and  
projection. I've given it added coats of a new product I use for the hard shell  
water repellant gloss finish. No dents, scratches on the tweed, not even on  
the bottom, the original owner took great care of it. 
The tubes consist of new Groove Tube middle graded power tubes and vintage  
USA preamp tubes which come Stock with every SJ amp for the past several 
years.  The patch cable, padded Tuki cover, nicely bound manual are also 
included as it  a Six Month warranty on all components of the circuit and 
speakers with three  months on power tubes And vintage preamp tubes. The only thing 
of note was my  fault when I opened the box and put a slice in the top of 
the cover which is  just surface, not all the way through.  
Lastly for now I recently purchased one of my original Sonny Jr 1's with  
the Sam Hutton cab, just to perform the demonstration of how the Boss EQ 
pedal  jacks it on steroids. It will be for sale right after that; it was Pete  
Sheridan's who put some excellent vintage Jensen P8R's in it. Heck, I'm 
already  certifiably mad, I'll even warranty a Twenty year old amp for six 
months on the  circuit and tubes; due to them being vintage speakers even though 
I  will fully test them I cannot include them in the warranty. Someone  
lacquered it and I will do whatever's needed to buff it up. Sam Hutton for any  
of you who don't recognize the name was the famous cab builder for Fender in 
the  late 50's and early 60's. His cabs have what looks like a dollar sign 
on the  bottom which is actually and S over an H.. Much of the knowledge 
I've learned  about floating baffle boards, sound reproduction was influenced 
by Sam who built  Kim Wilson's custom SJ1 with a 12" speaker that was 
designed to fit overhead on  a plane once I got the most consistent dimensions. 
Called by Kim, The Best Amp  out of the Box, he used it solely on his My Blues 
CD and last I heard he still  has it and uses it. A big KW in yellow 
lettering is on the front. 
Keep track of the website as there's a bomb brewing for SJHA's.  All  the 
best to everyone. 
Sonny Jr. 

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