[Harp-L] ebay 10 hole Swan chromatic

Robert Hale, I wanted to try the valveless Swan chromatic and bought one on ebay and ended up getting another brand that had valves, not the one pictured.  This happened twice.  You mentioned the Koch diatonic.  I'm designing a half-valved chromatic that can be configured in a diatonic tuning in order to allow interactive note bending.  It uses Seydel configured plates.  I hope to have some prototypes ready in the next month or two.  I'll put out the word to harp-l when its ready.
David Pearce
"It'sa Swan 1040 as shown in the photos. Unvalved but apparently solo tuned in the first 8 holes, then more like diatonic tuning in the last two holes, according to the Swan USA website:


The one depicted in the eBay listing has a rounded mouthpiece, similar to a Suzuki, as opposed to the Hohner-style rhomboid mouthpiece shown on the Swan sit, which is probably an older example. Durable phosphor bronze reeds shows that they've been upping their game. Swan has come from being poor quality to middling. They were an exhibitor at the 2015 SPAH convention and I was impressed with how far they'd come, and they voice a commitment to improving their product. 
Winslow Yerxa
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