[Harp-L] How important is it to be able to read music?

Vern jevern@xxxxx
Wed Dec 28 16:03:27 EST 2016

Here are a couple of questions about reading.

I can name all of the notes on the scale within the range of a C chromatic and identify the hole-blow/draw-button to play them.  However my reading isn’t fluent with unfamiliar material and I miss an occasional “black-key” note.  My reading in C is much better than in other keys.  

Q. Are playing scales in various keys a worthwhile use of practice time.?
Q. Is it better to just practice on a variety of unfamiliar pieces in various keys?

Back when I was an amateur radio “Ham”, I knew that the fluent readers of morse code were typing a word or two behind the code that was sounding.

Q. is it true that fluent readers are playing a measure or two behind what they are reading?
Q. I have been attempting to concentrate on the first note of the next measure.  Is this a reasonable approach to reading ahead?

Listening to you play, I have concluded that because your reading is automatic, your attention can be directed to interpretation, phrasing, and tone that you do so well.


> On Dec 28, 2016, at 12:08 PM, jon kip <jon at xxxxx> wrote:
> I'm wondering if ANY person here (or there) has decided to learn to read music based on things discussed here, and if they've been successful at that venture. (and if no success was found, what the VERY last thing you did to learn to read music was).
> It's not my major source of Wonderment, but it's one small one that comes to mind  as I read this edition of Harp_L, avoiding melodic minor arpeggios in The Silly Keys.
> My major source of Wonderment is how I allow myself to put off practicing while pondering my wonderment.
> I'll stop now.
> And, lest I fail to repeat myself, as we Elderly Folks forget to not do at times.....here's a link, once again, to my site where I ask "are you good enough to not learn to read music?" (Answer:some are, some aren't)
> http://jonkip.com/reading.html
> And if you have any questions about learning to read....just send me an email....I made my living for 45 years by reading music and might have some tips for someone willing to put in the time to learn The Reading of Notes, and I probably know stuff.

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