[Harp-L] How important is it to be able to read music?

bad_hat@xxxxx bad_hat@xxxxx
Mon Dec 26 18:58:25 EST 2016

That was the question from the original poster.  Owen P.Evans had an 
outstanding answer, he posted this video link,


It got zero comment.  The video talks about what musical notation is 
good at and compares it to what tab is useful for.  It's looking at it 
from a neural cognitive point of view as well as a practical point of 
view not that they are at all exclusive.  I also didn't find the video 
to be judgemental at all.  My take away is the standard notation exists 
because it fits a set of skills that human being possess in other words 
we created it because it serves us well.  What it doesn't say is if you 
can't read then you won't get the gig.  I really like how it's just 
there for you to see however you need to see it at that moment.  It's 
also about the first original thought on this topic I've heard in a very 
long time. So thank you Owen P Evans, I for one clicked that link and 
really found it provocative.

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