[Harp-L] Grégoire Maret with microphone

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Sat Dec 24 10:51:54 EST 2016

Yeah, Grégoire does the exact opposite of what I’m used to seeing others doing and what I do myself. I’ve seen him live several times and sometimes have noticed that the lower octave is underpowered the way he does it — just my personal taste. But there is an advantage to the way Grégoire does it, which is that you can push more air through those low notes without getting a lot of wind noise through the mic, and I’m guessing that’s why he holds the mic near the top, where you don’t tend to push as much air.

- Slim.


> On Dec 23, 2016, at 12:18 PM, Robert Hale <robert at xxxxx> wrote:
> Grégoire Maret
> ​plays with mic at upper (right) end of chrome. Seems to balance well even
> while playing low end.
> What do you mic'd chrome players find works, as well?​
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