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We all strive for some type of musical mastery and our most frustrating
moments likely happen when we fall short of our expectations.  But making
music goes beyond just proficiency.  There's another equally important
aspect and that's the quality of creating something.  Playing a musical
passage in a way that is different and better yet, unexpected.   There is a
universe of music out there that is still undiscovered and listening to
Sandy Weltman's CD Cigar Box Hymns you appreciate this reality even more.

Sandy Weltman demonstrates both amazing musical skill and endless
creativity in his latest CD.  It is a compilation of old hymns that are not
only dear to many of us, but very recognizable.  And yet the more you
listen, the more you admire his ability to play something in ways you had
never imagined.

Don't buy this CD for just another soulful rendition of Amazing Grace.  In
fact, you won't hear it at all.  Oh but the other standards are there and
the music is out of this world.

In each song Sandy plays enough of the melody so that hymn lovers like me
sit up and listen. But once he gets your attention, he takes you on a
musical journey around the world as he dances around the melody lines with
tastes of jazz, Klezmer, Gypsy, bluegrass, and old timey styles.

It isn't all harp and in fact, it is the perfect blend of fingerstyle
ukulele, cello, percussion, harmonica and even more.  Ever wish you could
just find a few more interesting chords out of that diatonic harp? Well
those chords are playable on the accordina. The instrument has that has
that unmistakeable blown free reed sound with the richness of the
accordion. Just when you think a song couldn't be more beautifully played,
in comes the accordina with those gorgeous blended tones.

Most of the songs on the CD were penned years ago by amazing men and women
who were enduring some hard times.  The lyrics - to many of us - are as
important as the music.  So it is for some that these songs remind us of
the things we cling dearly.  These beautifully played hymns feed our soul
much like they did for the saints years ago.

If you are an accomplished player, you will no doubt appreciate Sandy's
genius.  If you are new to playing, you will feel inspired.  Either way,
you would do well to listen, love and be entertained by the outstanding
music of Cigar Box Hymns and Sandy Weltman.

Buy it here:   <goog_990742978>http://www.sandyweltmanmusic.com/

Merry Christmas friends and may 2017 bring you musical joy and inspiration!

*Greg Jones*
*16:23 Harmonicas*
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