[Harp-L] Some questions on playing better....

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I hold left/cup right...... although I'm a lefty, I'm totally locked into
the right handed style.   Somewhat naïve when I began, since I stuck it into
my left hand, like everyone else, I guess it now feels natural.   As to TB
and bending, I'm open to ideas making the 2 and 3 draw(s) bold, clean, and
stronger.   Thanks again.

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Left handed harmonica players hold right, cup left.  Generally speaking 
that is.  You could reverse the low notes by flipping the harmonica over 
low notes on your right, high notes on your left.  Then you would be 
mirroring what the way the vast majority of right handers play.  There 
are not left handed harmonicas but I heard a rumour that Seydel was 
going to introduce a chromatic with reversible slide actuation.  Might 
not have been Seydel, that's just my best guess.  In this regard 
harmonicas are vastly superior to chainsaws, corkscrews and can openers.

If it works for you holding left cupping right would be fine.  I can't 
imagine it myself but hey some left handed people use scissors with teir 
right hands,  I do think there is advantage to holding on the side the 
low notes are because it's a lot easier to get a tight cup on the low 
end which is where it matters the most.

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